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RVI Destinations a whole new way of discovering the world. Whether you’re looking for a once in a lifetime holiday or just a relaxing getaway at any one of our superior leisure destinations, RVI Destinations can take you there – simply, flexibly and in style.


The closer you look, the more you discover that RVI Destinations offers you more than just destinations – we offer you and your family a range of leisure options that will guarantee a lifetime of memories. Your journey starts with ‘How to make a booking’ on page 8. Then move on to page 12, which explains the value of your purchase and includes an example on the value of your RVI Options points. Then, take some time to discover the resorts that RVI Destinations offers in this Directory.


Why settle for the same holiday year after year? RVI Destinations gives you the flexibility to exchange your RVI Destinations points in more than 4 000 resorts in popular destinations around the globe.


We do hope this website gives you everything you need to fully enjoy your RVI Destinations membership. If you have any questions, please call the RVI Options office in your country.


Holiday time is family time. Make sure the time away with your family is everything you’d hoped for. Whether you like exploring new countries together, daring each other to do scary rides or making sandcastles on a beach – we can offer it all.


No matter if it’s a new romance or a surprise wedding anniversary escape, you can indulge your loved one to the ideal romantic getaway – whether it’s the bush, the beach or the bright city lights!

RVI Newsletter  - from the chairmain October 11 2012

Well the final quarter of the year is upon us and the Christmas holiday spirit is looming. This is the time of the year when companies are starting to focus on their year end functions and in doing so, have an influence on their staff bringing an awareness to them of proceedings and the final drive towards achieving annual targets and goals bring pressure to bear, comforted by a sense that the finish line is in sight. Read more

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Mr Artur Tombia And Family - Lisbon
lo Meury ai vão algumas fotos para vossa apreciação as refeições foram feitas no Tiara Park Atlantic Hotel em Lisboa a minha familia adorou a acomodação, e passou a acreditar mais na RVI. A alegria nas fotos demonstra isso mesmo, pois com a economia que fizemos resultante do facto de termos os alojamentos garantidos pela RVI. Read more...

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